Empowered Times
Empowered Times
Liberate Your Inner Evolution


Liberate Your Inner Evolution



“The mind that opens up to a new idea never returns to its original size.”

~Albert Einstein



Inspiring personal discovery, cultivating balance, and honoring diverse perspectives through empowering guidance and thoughtful questions.

Erin Mason
 is a licensed psychotherapist, certified yoga instructor, and published writer with an integrative and comprehensive approach to wellness. 



Empowered Times was created to inspire self-discovery, ignite natural curiosity, and promote personal evolution.

In thoughtful exploration of concepts like navigating balance, accessing our healing potential, and cultivating resiliency, we enhance our understanding of the complex beings we are and open up to a deeper level of wellness. 

Through our life experiences and the challenges we face, we have the opportunity to stretch our perspectives, tap into our innate strengths, and realize our ability to trust ourselves. When we are engaged in this continuous process of empowerment, we become better able to connect authentically with ourselves and with others.